Install Green Roofs Today to Save the Environment

A lot of buildings and even industrial set ups nowadays grow plants on the roof. It adds to the sense of aesthetics and also contributes to environment. Plants and shrubs are grown over water proof sheaths or covering layer over the roof. This protects the walls and the roof from moisture damage. The water drains and sprinkling systems are accordingly designed.

The green roofing in Chicago and in other states across the country are fast gaining in popularity. They stand for the environment friendly metal roofs. They score over regular conventional roofs in several ways like: roofing toms river nj

• The foliage cover on the roof acts as rainwater absorbents.
• They provide adequate insulation and ventilation.
• They create an ecosystem in which flora and fauna can thrive.
• They reduce heating caused by carbon emitting industrial plants and factories.
• They reduce air temperatures and cause rainfalls.
• The solar panels and photovoltaic cells installed on these roofs save the conventional energy by utilizing solar power.
• The metal roofs are wholly recyclable. There is no creation of waste or scrap after they have been used.
• They keep the house warm in winters by lessening the heat loss and cooler in summers.
• Metal roofs add to the value of the house.
• They are easier to install and maintain.

The disadvantages of the Green roofs or eco friendly roofs are given below and they are very expensive when compared to the regular roofs. The highest standard is set for the needs of waterproofing to ensure that there is no leakage whatsoever.

The traditional roofs such as asphalt shingles can stand for 15years, and the wooden shakes can manage to extend its life a little higher than the asphalt, but when we see the metal roofs if you paint it regularly and maintain it well it will surely stay for even 50years. There are no repairs or replacements required so it is very cost effective, even though you have spent more on purchase. Aluminum, galvanized iron and steel, copper, zinc and lead are some types of metal roofs.

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